Tuesday, November 28, 2006

toggling a faulty switch

No, I’m not talking about flipping to decaf or a new career, but the switch to this new and improved (cough) version of Blogger.

I did.

And, what’s the deal. I was used to the old Blogger and this new one is supposed to be "so much" better.

It isn’t in my estimation.

For one reason. This new version thinks it is smarter than me.

If it is so much smarter, then how come you can't use the new "easy" template alteration feature unless you first lose all of your current modifications?

I am reminded of Microsoft Word. Bad, bad, abominable (insert sting of profanity infinitely long) program and the main reason I use Wordperfect for all my writing.

You see, If I want a bullet, or and indent, or bold type, or any other goddamn alteration to my writing –

- I’ll do it myself thank you!

I don't need some pre-programmed piece of crap to override my stuff.

You can call it a Pet Peeve if you like.

I call it A.I. - Artificial Idiocy.

I mean if The Terminator had had this software loaded he would have coughed out “I’l l b e - b.. ... . ... . " dropped into fetal position while its genius A.I. software inserted and removed spaces from its lines of code until its processor burned out.

Sarah Conner would have kept slinging burgers and getting her ass pinched.

End script.

So why does this new version of Blogger cheese me off like Word? Well, it scews with my pasted posts because it is smarter than me.

I can't abide "things-that-are-not-alive" being smarter than me. This includes software, roadkill, electronic devices and almost anything you can find in your local landfill site.

But back to my rant.

When I insert a post, and it doesn’t matter if it’s from Word, Notepad, Wordpad, Wordperfect, (choose anything that converts keystrokes to letters electronically) it randomly adds or takes away what it wants.

The old version didn't. So, it got smarter see. It knows what I want even when I don't want it.

Like screwing around with my spaces. I mean how hard is it for a simple program to convert spaces or not on a simple paste in from a word processor?

Again, If I wanted extra spaces inserted between my paragraphs or those spaces I use taken away – I would do it myself!

Which is what I end up doing anyhow after I paste in my post to fix up the mess.

Sheesh already.

Um, end rant.

I mean what can I really do except change to Typepad or something.

I’m far too lazy for that now. So, in the end - or is that front - Google has me by the goolies.

But I still use Yahoo for mail . . .

*sticks out tongue*

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