Monday, November 06, 2006

mister mom or comic relief

So it's finally come to this . . .

I have Nibblet duties for the next three weeks. Picking up and dropping off (to school) my daughter. Making sure she has her lunch, homework and jacket. Reading comics with her before school each day . . . Er, I mean homework -

- Rush rush rush.

And no, it's not my new secret profession, though it does demand a lot of attention and work. Probably more than any "actual" paying job I can think of.

And it's sort of fun to do too. But, I still need to go to "the day job" as well. So call my Mister Mom at work, or something.

The movies make it look so fun and exciting instead of what it is really like. Work.

Lots of work - but with a great payoff. A happy child.

Short post today as I'm busy making the final chapters of my Star Trek novel that much better.

And I did mention in I was going to post a chapter last week - and I didn't. Sorry to all those waiting for the next installment. This week I promise. Actually the plan now is to post one chapter each Wednesday until it is complete.

So, no more second guessing if I'll post one up or not.

Now where did my daughter put her comic . . . er, lunch. Yeah, that's it. Lunch.

Until next Monday when you hear me scream (I want my old life back . . .)

Kidding . . .

Really . . .

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