Monday, November 20, 2006

deep fried iguana eyes

Have nothing to do with today’s post - but it was a title I thought of a while ago and found kind of catchy - like bubonic but not as lethal, I hope.

Well my ole writing muscles have not been getting a great workout lately, but my audio-video receptors have been making up for that fact.

You see, I’ve been reading Essential X-men Vol 2. (that's a comic book collection in black and white) which contains the “real” Dark Phoenix story. It’s the best version I think, but only by a hair.

But the close second is not the movie version - which really stank. I refer to the 90s cartoon version of the Dark Phoenix which totally rocked!

And my favourite X-men character ever, because you are just dying to know?

Rogue - hands down!

But not hands on, because you know that just leads to masses of trouble. And again, not the movie Rogue, but the 90s TV cartoon Rogue. She was just the best ever!

And a curious thing, in the actual comic book version of the Dark Phoenix story - Rogue is nowhere to be found. She didn’t join the X-men until many issues later. Sort of pisses me off a bit. Got fooled by TV cartoons again.

Scooby snacks are real, aren't they?

And can you actually have genuine fond feelings for a cartoon character, or is that considered some kind of freaky person-should-be-locked-away creepiness? I’ll consult my crazy eight ball later for clarification.

And on the DVD front (there is a front right?) I finished watching “Taken” the UFO/Alien series. I liked it. Maybe not as much as I liked X-Files, but I liked it.

And my Christmas order of Kolchak The Night Stalker came in early. Ooooooh, squeals like a little girl . . .

Okay, maybe I didn’t squeal, but I was, and am, pretty excited about it. It’s been like thirty years since I’ve seen it and upon a quick scan, it looks just as cheesy and corny and wonderful as I recall. Can’t wait to view and review the series and the two preceding movies.

And one more squeal worthy note. I finally, after all these years, ordered the complete set of Calvin and Hobbes. Because (guilty secret alert) my daughter's Scholastic school order had them for like 55% off. The best I can do is about 30% off. And, let's face it, there was no better Sunday comic strip ever in the history of this world.

Yeah, that includes Farside. Sorry, you are second. So, what am I going to do with this massive amount of audio-video-bookeo-oreo goodness? I mean, who has the time right?

Which takes me into this coming Christmas holidays. I’ve wrangling three whole weeks off this year. Been a struggle hanging onto vacation during the summer, but I did it.

So starting Dec 15th right through Jan 8th I’m workplace free. Be nice if somebody just invented a patch . . .

Well, must get back to editing chapter 10 of my novel which will appear this Wednesday like clockwork, or the skip in a badly scratched album . . .

Until next Monday, when you will get more of the same but different, unless I’m too damn lazy to post anything, then you will get squat . . .

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