Monday, September 18, 2006

a new hope

Paul Darcy and Jewle StaiteYa Joe, we were supposed to be at a Science Fiction convention, but remember (see this week’s picture insert) we already got (to) one you see . . .

Can’t afford more than one boondoggle like that in the same calendar year.

So, the week in review.

Much has been happening in my mind, which is not to say the usual state of my mind is blankness - okay it is blankness - but that is only during my day job. A necessary survival reaction.

Anyhow, I solicited the reading group this past weekend for one short story or a few poems to include into the “dun, dun, dun” ebook coming this Halloween.


I will know by end of month just how many participants I have and report it right here first Monday in October.

I think it will be great to showcase our work for others to pass around like a virus . . . Er, a good, friendly virus . . .

And the title of this post is not without some meaning today either. You see, I have a plan. A cunning plan (you should know the rest of this . . . if not please watch all of Black Adder)

It involves replacing my current day job with another career altogether. And if you are jumping up and down thinking - oh, he is taking the plunge and becoming a full time writer finally - um, well, you can stop jumping even though that kind of exercise is good for you.

And if you were holding your breath - for goodness sake breathe!

Don’t worry I’m not thinking of pro-tennis, or dog walking - though there is nothing wrong with either of those activities.

No, this new career will be a paying professional one and something I‘ve always enjoyed. There are many openings and can dove-tail into my current writing.

In fact, starting January, I’ll be chronicling my journey towards my new career. January is the start of the first course.

This does not mean I am abandoning all hope of writing (that plan remains) but I will be getting on with a new life.

You can change your future - if you want to.

I’m happy for myself.

Well, I’m going to chop it off here.

Until next Monday.

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