Monday, September 11, 2006

left right right left

Now that my script is done (well draft 1 anyhow) I’m floating in a sea of happiness and turmoil.

Kinda swirling around the drain of pleasure with the unknown pipe leading to what - a septic tank or a Caribbean lagoon?

Yeah, whatever.

So, been concentrating on my other blog “Reader’s Den” the past few days. Getting posts set up for the next two weeks and then coming over here to update on what it is I’ve been supposed to be doing . . .

. . . like an ebook. Which I think is the correct way to write ebook, not E-Book or E-book or any other abomination I’ve thrown at you the last few weeks. Sorry, if you are one of those anal (hey-you-ass-you-didn’t-write-that-correctly) types.

So, about that ebook. I’m getting a little nervous about the whole thing. Nervous because I haven’t figured out exactly how to do it using my Movie Magic Screenwriter program, which is all I have for creating PDF files. It is capable of achieving all that I want, but I’m not sure my grey matter will figure out the details in time for Halloween - the, gulp, “deadline”

But that is quite a while from now, isn’t it? Oh, and just as a treat I”m going to include a story never-before-seen from me. Yup something totally new, not just rehashed sidebar tales which you can read and re-read and send links to publishers and friends if you like - I don’t mind.

Pictures are what I worry most about. I’ve kinda asked each contributor to give me an image to go with their story, but um, not sure how to insert all this good stuff into the Screenwriter program.

Aren’t computers supposed to make our lives easier? I know, and they were supposed to create a paperless environment too - so how come we make printers that can spew out a hectare of forest in about two minutes, eh?

So, you can see I have some work set out for myself in the next few weeks. I’ll report if I’ve had any success next week.

Oh, reading night for our group is this coming Saturday night. I may have some info about what went on there and a guestimate about how many short stories will appear in the ebook to come.

And, lastly, I have been spending a bit of time going over my Star Trek novel (which you see starting to appear more and more here) since I kind of want it to be readable instead of hashed hack. I hope it doesn’t come off as hashed hack even though (can you believe it) it was written 15 years ago. I'll keep posting more of it until it is complete here by Dec 25 this year.

Ooooh, another self-imposed deadline. What can I say, I'm a self-sadist.

Holy ole crap, but where does the time go anyhow?

On a personal note. I have an absolute deadline of 85 months at the official slave pits. I know that is a lot of cracked rocks, but as I mentioned earlier - where the hell does the time go.

Keep writing and don’t let adversity fly into the crotch of your twin towers . . .

Er, um, I know - poor and in bad taste Sept 11th humour . . .

. . . but what do you expect from a twisted mind anyhow?

Until next Monday.

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