Monday, August 07, 2006

oh my ears and whiskers

I’m late!

Crap, it’s Monday and I actually forgot about posting here until only a few moments ago.

You see, it’s a Holiday here today in Frosty Canada, and I did the good health thing this morning and went for a one hour tour - a walk that is.

I left the house at 8:00 AM and found, to my chagrin, that it was already very, very humid and hot. But, I was out for exercise so didn’t really care about the sweating so much.

Got back, made a coffee, checked my “other blog” to make sure no spammers or hackers had frelled it up (Farscape reference recognition - 5 points) and then onto my email and - oh, crap - forgot.

So, here I am scrambling to put together a cogent sting of ideas for you to feast on and utterly failing. Must be the endorphins still pumping through my body from the walk.

Oh, yeah. The reason for my Monday ramblings. Writing. Um, well, been doing it actually. Started a new short story, but chopped it off before it went too far. Cool idea I put on ice for another day.

Because the “script” is king and needs much attention. Like I need it done by Sept 1 or face the music. And the music is Joe.

Not pretty music to listen too. So, I’ll get it done.

Oh, and major treat for all you reader(do I dare add and s here?) I am - after first draft script done - putting together a FREE (no Ginsu knife though - unsafe and a choking hazard to boot) E-Book of selected short stories!

*looks at your blank stare*

Okay, not the coolest thing you have ever heard, but pretty cool - admit it.

Now, the key to a “cool” E-book has got to be art. And when it comes to art - I suck the big one. So, I need to hire (reading this Paul?) Somebody who can draw cool pencil line art for my stories.

I have to decide how many “stories” to include in the E-book. I’m thinking 6 will most likely be more than enough.

And, when do you get to see this work of art? Well, it will be ready in time for Halloween 2006.

See how my plans for world domination are not working out? So many other things for me to do instead.

Well, until next Monday - when I hope to remember it is Monday before Monday - if you follow me.

Stay well.

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