Tuesday, August 15, 2006

bring in the old

Okay, so I missed yesterday.

Sue me.

Or not – this is Canada, not the USA after all.

Yes- the script is coming along – yada, yada.

What a boring post idea for Mondays.

I mean really – does anybody give a crap how my writing is going?

But hey, something much cooler have I been working on. And no, it’s not “Yoda speak” but computer related.

You see (or read in this case) I had this old junker Pentium 233 computer which was kicking around and I thought – hey – I have a bunch of old computer games that just don’t go on my new XP machine.

So, I slapped the sucker together and plunked in an old (but very reliable) 8X CD-Rom drive from like 15 years ago and voila – instant old computer game machine.

It has 64 Meg of ram, a 2 Meg video card and an emulated Sound Blaster onboard sound

– Oh, yeah – I’m really cooking with gas now baby!

Now why all the excitement you might ask? Well, I starting waxing nostalgic for some good old computer games like I played long ago. And yes, the packrat in me, means I still have copies of them.

So, I loaded up Star Control 3 (runs like a dream). And tonight I’m going to load up Fallout!

Gawd, how I love these two games.

You see, with the major improvement in computers I feel a bit of a loss for the amazing story driven less eye-candy games of yor. Now I don’t have to pine anymore, but can play them - again.

And yes, I even loaded in Pool of Radiance – and it works just fine although a tad fast but I’m not complaining. What a great old D&D computer game from SSI. You have to draw your own maps and everything. How cool is that?

Okay, nuff said on the topic. I am very pleased with myself and am going to tour the galaxy and tread in the Wastelands once more.

And try to get my Monday updates posted on say – Mondays.

Until then.

Now, where did I put my shotgun and mentats!

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