Monday, July 31, 2006

good things come


But why wait? Well, it’s all about planning and I am the consummate planner.

Which is maybe a detriment since I tend to be inflexible sometimes – okay, most of the time. It’s been pointed out to me and I can’t really refute it.

So what’s the latest? Well, my fevered brain continues to create my script, but I fell into a bog the last week or so and wallowed in self-pity and shit. Stupid-dumb-ass!

Why? Self-doubt, that nagging little bastard has a habit of creeping into my life and sitting on my shoulder talking in my ear. I should know not to listen to the little bastard, but he says such convincing things.

I keep beating myself up about my script and thinking if should be fantastic when the best I seem to come up with is so-so. I need to remind myself, and that shoulder perching pinhead, that this is only a first draft of my very first script – for crap’s sake.

So, slapping the little shit from my shoulder, I soldier on ignoring his jibs from my hip where he has managed to get a grip. Still, he is far enough away now that I can successfully ignore him.

I better keep an eye on him though incase he gets any funny ideas of climbing back up again.

I watched “Dodgeball: The True Underdog Story” on the weekend and was duly impressed. Now that is a comedy script worthy of any I’ve seen in a good long while. Every set-up had a payoff, and every scene had a purpose and the acting was great and so was the pacing and the jokes.

But (note to self) – it wasn’t somebody’s first draft of their first script. So I will continue to practice, and get better and then in 22 months (yes I’m counting) when I ditch the soul-sucking, mind-deadening, life-leeching day job to become Mr. Mom, I can try to regain balance in my life and get on with being the funny, fun-loving guy I used to be.

Which brings me to exercise - of which I have been doing a lot lately. I only let myself off the hook once per week. So, every day I either play tennis, go for an hour long walk, or do my light weights and trampoline routine. Yeah, sounds like I should join the circus – maybe after 22 months?

Well, you have had enough of me for today I’m sure.

Until next week when I go on about my life again and you can read what I wrote to overcome your insomnia.

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