Monday, June 12, 2006

silver snail trail

Well a whole week has passed and I have two more scenes to show for it.

That’s like one scene written every 2.5 days. At first glance you could mistake this for snail-like momentum. But it is momentum.

Why the slowness? Well, one of the two scenes took me a long time to do because it is a KEY scene in the script. It’s the pivotal moment in one of the main character’s life and it was hard to get right.

Actually I still don’t have it right – but that is what re-writes are for. I must keep in mind this script is the first draft and it will need many more versions before it is done.

And another scene I spent this morning conceptualizing instead of writing it. It is also key but to another character. So . . .

. . . I have actually stepped forward once again. And it is good.

On a side note - I also got the DVD set of Band of Brothers, an early B-Day present – BUT . . .

. . . I didn’t view any of the episodes during my designated writing time – honest.

What a great DVD though set and the documentary that comes with it is even better than the episodes. And to beef up my distractions, (actually fuel for my mind – at least that’s how I rationalize it) I will be borrowing Season 4 of Farscape this weekend.

But back to the weekly writing thingy -

My scene total now is 50. Just about 70 more scenes left and first draft is done.

Still shooting for Sept 1/2006.

I am going to make it – and you will be the first to know if I do or don’t.

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