Monday, June 05, 2006

and the number is ten

but not commandments or indians or dinner guests in an Agatha Christie novel – major writing projects.

I’ll call them the ten compel-ments.

So I finally compiled a list of those wonderful writing projects I’ve started and then left hanging. Ten of them to be exact.

I’m not going to bore you with specifics, but I have a plan – a cunning plan.

The start or this plan was to organize the ten into doable chunks – and then finish them.

Sounds simple, the finish part, but it is the one part that has screwed me over the past ten years.

No more.

Starting last week I am hell-bent to complete the first of ten on my list. My Romantic Comedy script and to that end I have five new scenes written taking the total to 48, and 30 pages long . . .

. . . which makes it about 1/3 complete. WooHoo for me.

Yeah, I see you rolling your eyes.

And mowing the lawn yesterday I managed to damage my lower back – it was during the leaning over and using the clippers when I did it.

This getting older gig is wearing thin.

But, on the up side we have many (okay – 3) bunny rabbits that come and frolic in our back yard. Yesterday I watched them devour a bunch of dandelions. They ate the stems, then polished off the leaves of about twenty plants.

Fascinating. Oh, and then one of them went under our maple tree for a snooze. I swear he laid his ears back, closed his eyes and fell asleep for a while. Nice to know our yard makes them feel that safe.

Well, that’s all for this week. Next week I hope to be even farther along on the script.

Oh, and for the record (there is a record, no?) completion date for this script is set for Sept 1/2006.

Hope I can meet it.

No, bad phrasing.

I am going to meet it – That’s better.

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