Monday, June 19, 2006

drums in the deep

I feel just like Gandalf (less the beard and robe) this morning.


Well, I feel like summer is Pippin and it just chucked a big ole rock down a hole in Moria - and now there are drums, drums in the deep.

Dramatic enough? Well, let’s see what I didn’t get done this week. One scene. One.


A Singularity - sucking me in with unrelenting force.

So how did it happen that this week went to hell, no basket? Well, I slept in one morning and another I played three hours of tennis the night before and well, slept in that one too.

The other three mornings you would think would have been super productive?

Um, not really.

One I spent writing and hence the one scene. So 41 scenes so far with about 69 to go. Hmmm, I keep this up and I’ll be done by NEXT September instead of this one.

So, suffice to say I have to pull up my socks and get at it this week to come.

Oh, yeah, the other two mornings. Well, would you believe my dog ate them? Okay, I don’t have a dog - you got me.

One I spent the whole time interneting.

Is interneting a word? Okay then, surfing the web.

And the final morning that should have seen my brilliance creating scenes to rival any ever penned . . .

. . . Did I mention that I got Fallout Tactics to work in Windows XP?


Well, I did and that was quite a triumph, but it took away a writing morning. Fixing the issues was enough of a time sucker to burn up that last writing morning. I still have not “played” a computer game during my writing time - I should be proud of that at least.

You don’t just expect to show up here every Monday to hear about my incredible success do you? Much more interesting to find out I’m human and my willpower is crumbling under the summer sun and long days.

But hey, the rabbits keep coming to our yard. Three or more in fact. We have put out some carrots and yes, rabbits really do like carrots.

And, this Sunday I had a fantastic father’s day present. We went out to the local pub and I had 2 pints of KilKenny beer and a spicy hot sausage pizza. Yum!

Well, I better get moving before the goblins arrive.

Drums, drums in the deep.

Oh great!

They’ve got a cave troll!

Monday, June 12, 2006

silver snail trail

Well a whole week has passed and I have two more scenes to show for it.

That’s like one scene written every 2.5 days. At first glance you could mistake this for snail-like momentum. But it is momentum.

Why the slowness? Well, one of the two scenes took me a long time to do because it is a KEY scene in the script. It’s the pivotal moment in one of the main character’s life and it was hard to get right.

Actually I still don’t have it right – but that is what re-writes are for. I must keep in mind this script is the first draft and it will need many more versions before it is done.

And another scene I spent this morning conceptualizing instead of writing it. It is also key but to another character. So . . .

. . . I have actually stepped forward once again. And it is good.

On a side note - I also got the DVD set of Band of Brothers, an early B-Day present – BUT . . .

. . . I didn’t view any of the episodes during my designated writing time – honest.

What a great DVD though set and the documentary that comes with it is even better than the episodes. And to beef up my distractions, (actually fuel for my mind – at least that’s how I rationalize it) I will be borrowing Season 4 of Farscape this weekend.

But back to the weekly writing thingy -

My scene total now is 50. Just about 70 more scenes left and first draft is done.

Still shooting for Sept 1/2006.

I am going to make it – and you will be the first to know if I do or don’t.

Monday, June 05, 2006

and the number is ten

but not commandments or indians or dinner guests in an Agatha Christie novel – major writing projects.

I’ll call them the ten compel-ments.

So I finally compiled a list of those wonderful writing projects I’ve started and then left hanging. Ten of them to be exact.

I’m not going to bore you with specifics, but I have a plan – a cunning plan.

The start or this plan was to organize the ten into doable chunks – and then finish them.

Sounds simple, the finish part, but it is the one part that has screwed me over the past ten years.

No more.

Starting last week I am hell-bent to complete the first of ten on my list. My Romantic Comedy script and to that end I have five new scenes written taking the total to 48, and 30 pages long . . .

. . . which makes it about 1/3 complete. WooHoo for me.

Yeah, I see you rolling your eyes.

And mowing the lawn yesterday I managed to damage my lower back – it was during the leaning over and using the clippers when I did it.

This getting older gig is wearing thin.

But, on the up side we have many (okay – 3) bunny rabbits that come and frolic in our back yard. Yesterday I watched them devour a bunch of dandelions. They ate the stems, then polished off the leaves of about twenty plants.

Fascinating. Oh, and then one of them went under our maple tree for a snooze. I swear he laid his ears back, closed his eyes and fell asleep for a while. Nice to know our yard makes them feel that safe.

Well, that’s all for this week. Next week I hope to be even farther along on the script.

Oh, and for the record (there is a record, no?) completion date for this script is set for Sept 1/2006.

Hope I can meet it.

No, bad phrasing.

I am going to meet it – That’s better.