Monday, May 29, 2006

Arise Dark Phoenix

What is this?

A post?

After all this time of nothing?

I know – I’m a bastard . . .

Well, I had a suspicion that it would come to this eventually. My new blog (Reader’s Den), which I share, is a great one for book reviews, some musings and republishing my short stories already posted here . . .

. . . but it’s not too great at spilling out my guts when it comes to my writing tribulations or the Great Big Projects my fevered mind likes to chew on – when I least expect it too.

So, starting this week, I’m going to go back to filling in my weekly writing grind updates and the occasional musing. (when I get time or the mood strikes me - which may be never - I'm still a bastard)

There won’t be a ton of new content here as I have to maintain the other blog, but it will be a place for me to spew at the powers that be on what I am trying to accomplish for my second career – Writing.

This week I’m putting together a list of the BIG projects I started and abandoned (I know, kinda like this blog – bad me) and then I will make a concerted – or is that constipated – effort to complete these projects. I will post my successes, or not - here.

To that end I reviewed a Sci-Fi novel I started two years ago – and you know what? It is fantastic. So is my huge Fantasy novel and my script and . . .

You get the picture.

Yeah, my modesty is showing again – hang on while I tuck it back in.

So, call this a long overdue update if you will, and more to follow. I sure hope to have some success in the writing game before I enter the pine box for good. I would much prefer cedar actually . . .

So here’s crossing my fingers and hoping to stay on track.

Until next Monday . . . when I finish my list.