Wednesday, February 01, 2006

this week in review

Well, here we are again. My gosh, how fast a week flies by.

On to the update of things wonderful and not so wonderful - Yah, that was dramatic and for no purpose. You can skip that sentence on a re-read . . .

The script moves along with another two scenes fleshed out this past week. I skipped writing on Monday night after the skiing. Once I hit the couch after a day of helping the grade one nibblets, I was ready to veg - so that’s what I did.

On the cash-for-writing front I managed to research all markets (at least in the huge Writer’s Market) for my three book ideas. I have a good idea now how many markets are out there for my particular (or should that be peculiar) wares. I just need to get those wares in order now with a captivating query proposal for each.

Easy - like taking the beach at Normandy . . .

Next week’s workload will be to try and write three more scenes of my script and research magazine markets and come up with some short article ideas.

That’s it.

Brief, eh?

And I’m contemplating posting my entire Star Trek Next Gen novel right here. It takes place a few months after Picard was un-Borgified in Season 4. Thinking I may start to stagger the updates with that. 13 chapters of heart pounding thrills and chills all set in the Next Gen universe - and free! I mean, what more could you ask for?

Sorry, no Buffy crossovers in it – but Barclay plays a pretty big role.

I’ll probably stagger my Wednesday updates with it.

Stay tuned.

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