Tuesday, February 14, 2006

temptations and chairlifts

I am so tempted to link the URL for the “new” site so you can get a sneak preview of the replacement for this site.

But I just know the new site is going to go through about twenty more versions before it launches, so I must refrain from doing so.

I’m really working hard at making it a GO by March 1st and trying my best to make it as cool as I can.

So, for the record, call March 1st the official launch date if you will.

Not sure what or how much I’m going to post on this place until then (creating the new site is taking a fair toll on my time), but will try to maintain some content until next month . . .

. . . which reminds me of skiing yesterday with the little ones. It was our first time going on the chair lift and the kids had a ball.

Some already had been up with their parents, but my little one a few others had not. The wind was cold as we swayed in the chair twenty feet above the run below us. Very cool experience for my little girl as I watched it all through her eyes.

She was so excited, like the first time she went on a Ferris Wheel. Oh to be that young again - Great stuff.

I am so happy I decided to volunteer for this.

I’m even getting my old ski legs back a bit.

Well, back to the new site creation.

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