Friday, February 10, 2006

second last post ever

Fighting viruses is not fun and even though I did the day job and carried on as though all was normal, I have felt internally "wrong" for a few days.

Today my gastrointestinal disorder feels a little better, and so, I post again - and quite possibly for the second-last-time-ever here at The Twisted Mind Emporium.

Let me explain.

Through a fortuitous turn of events (and a very generous friend whom I am not sure how I will ever repay for his continued kindness) I have been offered a limited time offer of my very own unique URL to call home and WordPress to run it with.

So, it will be bye bye EBlogger. This comes at a time when I feel I have mastered its nuances. I will be plunging directly into WordPress. I assume it will be like a dive into the shallow end of the pool - with the pool drained for cleaning. We (if you follow) and I will see how it goes.

This move fills me with elation, trepidation and expectation. Top that off with sorrow at abandoning this site, and you get the idea.

This site will remain in perpetuity, of course, until Google (the owner) decides to snuff it.

I had toyed with the idea of keeping both sites rolling - but quickly derailed that train of thought. My first duty is to my "core" writing and if I try to maintain two blogs as well - you can see the "burning up and crashing down", can’t you?

So . . .

. . . my next post should be directing you to the new digs. I have yet to decide on the new sites name. It will most likely have more to do with writing (mine) and less to do with Twisted things, like dried earthworms on the sidewalk in spring . . .

So . . .

. . . come Monday (if stuff happens, or later if stuff doesn’t) I should be able to post up the redirect.

Now I’ll away to go create the next best thing to this site - Its bastard offspring.

Wish me luck.

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