Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Science Fiction Book Review: The Einstein Intersection

The Einstein Intersection
Yup, an oldy - but a goodie? It did win the Nebula, but that was back in the drug crazed sixties, man . . .

This book by Samuel R. Delany is certainly different than your run-of-the-mill science fiction.

It reminded me of a cross between A Canticle for Leibowitz, Chronicles of Amber and Robert Graves Greek Myths Part 1.

It has the flavor of being written in the psychodelic sixties, and even though I haven’t read a lot of Dick, I have a feeling this novel shares the same odd perspectives and mind twisting . . .

Twisting um, something. Maybe you need to be on drugs to fully appreciate it.

You see, this book is all about aliens who come to a dead earth and genetically take on our forms and those of mythical creatures. It is the story of Orpheus all over again under the skin and a quest for a lost lover above the skin.

And you can probably tell I’m having a rough time describing it properly, but it is a rather unique novel. Something else it reminds me of is "The Book Of The New Sun" by Gene Wolfe loaded with odd references I probably missed. I did know who Elvis is though, king of the great rock and the great roll.

Did I enjoy it? Mostly, but the references to Jean Harlow escaped me somewhat. A neat juxtaposition of ideas and cultures and pop icons all rolled up into a strange Orpheus quest gone weird.

It’s not long at 147 pages so won’t take up much of your time. But you may be left scratching your head at the end of it wondering what exactly just went on.

I will leave the "should I read it" decision up to you.

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