Wednesday, February 15, 2006

new site progress and viruses

Much progress is happening on the new site and things are rapidly shaping up. March 1st as a launch date may be pushed up to this weekend (insert big happy face – yah, too lazy to go find an image right now) if all goes well.

And our family, namely my wife and daughter, are suffering from yet another bloody virus. You see, my little on goes to school. A school I am sure is full of sick virus carrying vessels just itching to share their contagious replicating strains.

I have so far managed to fight off the latest vile invader, but feel sure that it is a losing battle in the long run.

Still, I’m happy about the new site.

Oh, and the domain name is -

- registered now and (I know, bad fake-out) and should be up and running this very day.

Well, more content to massage, more viruses to fend off.

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