Thursday, February 16, 2006

mama never told me

Wow, I had no idea setting up your own website could be so trying or difficult.

I assumed you just register a domain name (check), get a host server (check), upload a copy of Wordpress (check), change the template to what you want and voila - fully functional website.

Boy have I deluded myself but good. And I have a newfound respect for those who have done it.
Still, things are progressing on the new site even though several setbacks have me stymied at the moment. Kind of like walking barefoot across a gym floor strewn with broken glass and razor blades. I’ll get to the other side, but it ain’t going to be fast or pretty.

I’m just very fortunate to have a great friend conversant in all things website geekaneeze to help me out, or I would most likely be tossing in the chips and staying put right here.

But what is the fun in that, eh?

I remember sneaking cigarettes from my grandmother back when I was around twelve years old. Yeah, I was cool. I would take those few stolen Number 7s out of her pack and head to the "rocks" as we called them in the back forty of the small town where I grew up.

I remember getting caught. I remember blubbering like an infant, even though I was a cool dude of twelve - how crushingly humiliating to have your cool dude veneer stripped off to reveal the immature child beneath. My parents, thinking back now, were not really snarly, angry mad at me, but rather disappointed at my behavior, especially the stealing - My attitude changed, let me tell you, after that life altering incident.

I guess the point my muse is trying to make is that we go about our lives with these assumptions until something comes along and slaps you up side the head - then reality dawns. I was the cool cigarette smoking dude of twelve - until. And likewise I was the making an internet site is easy dude - until.

What I find interesting though is that in a couple of months, when the new site is smoking along and Oprah wants me on her show - okay skip that part, it will most likely be Springer - I’ll look back on this whole setting-up-a-site-thing and most likely laugh about it.

I mean it is pretty annoying right now as it happens, or rather doesn’t happen. But it will pass, like a kidney stone. Maybe one day I can even sell it on E-Bay . . .

Never underestimate the power of the mind.

It can lead, mislead, impede or succeed - all in the blink of an eye.


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