Monday, February 06, 2006

Horror Book Review: Necroscope III The Source

Necroscope 3 The Source
A project in Russia gone horribly wrong.

Harry Keogh, Necrocope, searching for his lost child and wife.

Forces of the supernatural and the extranatural collide. A battle to the ultimate death on a world far removed from our own.

Sound interesting? If it does you will likely enjoy this, the third book by Brian Lumley, in his Necroscope series.

It's part spy novel, part horror novel, part science fiction novel, part super-hero novel, and part action adventure. And Mr. Lumley pulls it all off in a most delightful way.

The world which spawns the Wamphyri (Lumely's version of uber-vampires) is accidentally connected in Russia when an energy experiment goes wrong, and what comes through the gate leaves dozens dead and more reeling from terror. Nothing like that should ever be allowed to escape the gate again, and the Russians try to make sure that happens. But of course, as in all good horror books, that is not to be.

Meanwhile Harry, the Necroscope, is searching all the places of the world and beyond (using a Mobius Stip to dimensionally travel about) for his lost son and wife. And he talks to the dead (hence he is the Necroscope) so knows they are not among them.

All the threads of the novel lead Harry and others through the gate to the world of the Wampyri, and the questions readers have been longing to know are answered as to the source of the evil.

And as usual, I will not give away the plot. Suffice it to say that Harry finds what he is looking for, though it is not what it appears to be, and things get a whole lot worse before there is even a glimmer of them getting better.

My final words on this novel and the series so far; very fun read but not for the squeamish. Mr. Lumley does not hold back on the graphics, but it all fits the world he has created.

If you like action adventure horror, you are sure to find these books amusing.

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