Thursday, January 26, 2006

Venus plus

What a sight before me this morning on my trek to the day job.

I saw Venus in all her splendor. No, not the one on the clam shell with Monty Python music as accompaniment, but the actual planet in our solar system by that name.

It was like a jewel in the heavens. Well, actually it was shining more like a bright motorcycle light coming at you from about one mile away on a long straight Manitoba highway at night.

And to its right the sickle moon was also particularly effulgent too. Too bad I had to concentrate so much on driving. I would have liked to stop and take a longer look at our celestial neighbors, but alas I had to get into the slave pits. Must not keep the masters waiting.

Anyhow, the brilliant display stemmed from the fact that the air this morning was really cold and not a drop of water vapor was impeding my view.

It was spectacular. I hope you had a chance to see it.

And hey, to any Aussies that happen by this place today – Happy Australia Day!

Throw some shrimps on Barbie, crack a Fosters, that’s not a knife, kangaroos and bushmen and Christmas in bikinis, so g’day to ya, mates . . .

I’ll bet every Aussie cringes at that skewed, retarded North American view of their culture and people. I do, and I’ve never even been there. The closest I’ve gotten see Australian culture is watching The Wiggles . . .

. . . shudder . . .

Still, Farscape more than makes up for that abomination. To me, The Wiggles make the Teletubbies look like a sophisticated drama, bunnies and all. "Oh, oh!"

Okay, on to something else.

I’ve suddenly found myself with nothing much to yammer about, except (gotta love except, it’s a more polite version of but), last night I had a fantastic call with my co-task master. You see, every week on Wednesday night, I have a conference call with my friend and we discuss our week in progress towards our long term goals.

Well last night we both had pretty positive reviews and the vibes were upbeat. Of course we spiraled off into other general chatter once our business was concluded. And that was the best part for me.

I learned a whole lot of behind the scenes information (which I’m afraid I can not share) about my favorite actress and others. Very interesting indeed. The “biz” in Hollywood is a very unique animal it seems, and I love getting an inside glimpse of how it operates.

And despite this part of our discussions having nothing much to do with our long term goals, it was positive because we were discussing success stories against the odds in a very cut-throat business. I was left feeling great, and it has carried over to today as well.

And my wife and I the day before also had a great heart to heart about the future and other topics too so; end result is I’m feeling invigorated and ready to tackle the universe . . .

Well, let me just start with Venus. But after that - the universe.

My heartfelt gratitude to my wife and my co-taskmaster for boosting my morale which has been less than "up" the last few weeks.

And one last positive - I saw no cats this morning – so the world must have heeded my “keep-them-indoors” warning from yesterday.

Thanks world.

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