Tuesday, January 03, 2006

To 006

“Your mission is clear,” said the man standing in a dark tweed suit pointing towards a blurry satellite picture of a mountain range, “you must take out Blowhard and his installation before he can strike.”

“So all I need to do is infiltrate his elite forces, take down the instillation and have Blowhard disappear for good?” said one of two seated men while cleaning under his finger nails with a letter opener.

“That is correct 006. Thought I don’t believe even you could make Blowhard go away permanently. He has more lives than a cat and uses clones of himself to throw off his enemies. It is not a certainty that he is even at this base at all, but those there will follow his, or his clones, orders to the letter.”

The seated man stopped cleaning his nails. “To the letter? Like Q?”

“Yes, like Q. Now, if you don’t’ have any more questions, Q is waiting for you in the laboratory. He will equip you with what you will need for this mission.”

“Very good,” said 006 who rose in one fluid motion and left the room. The other seated man rubbed his chin.

“Do you think 006 can handle this? It is vital that that instillation be neutralized.”

The standing man paced the floor before answering. “I hope so. We are risking a lot on 006, but he is one of the best.”

“But not the best,” said the seated man.

“No, but he is on another critical assignment elsewhere and can’t be spared for this one. I’m counting on 006 to pull this off. If not . . .”

Both men stared at the image on the screen. Blowhard’s grip on the world was growing stronger each year despite her Majesties Secret Services’ best efforts. The success or failure of 006 would be the turning, or breaking, point of Blowhard’s operations.

The fate of their island was now in the hands of 006.

Only time would tell.

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