Friday, January 27, 2006

sweet seventeen, no fantastic

March 25th, 1988 would change my life forever. And it would change it for the good – no for the fantastic.

You see, that was the day I met my wife.

Now you may not believe in love at first sight, but this was close. And it wasn’t just because of her physical beauty but a great deal more. I had seldom encountered such a happy, free spirited woman, and me being the bitter young man, was shocked and stunned and elated and ultimately transformed.

Dates occurred, funny phone calls, dinner parties, chats with my best friends and roommates about her. That Christmas I remember telling my parents that I had met a girl and we were planning to get married. They were shocked, curious, probing and invasive.

I did what all good sons do – told them next to nothing.

We were married in a civil ceremony shortly after that Christmas after canceling the grand church wedding plans. And we were so much in love. It was the best feeling in the whole world.

The first few years we traveled, went out, spent long hours on the couch just basking in each other’s presence.

The early years were mostly a blissful blur. My friends thought I had left the country. I suppose in a way I actually did.

I can’t properly describe my feelings for my wife after all this time. It is so much more beyond mere love, it is sharing a soul with someone you admire and respect but occasionally quarrel with too. But it’s all good – no fantastic. And I would not change one little thing.

I don’t always tell her how I feel about her. But I’ll say it here for the whole world to read.

I love her with all my heart. I can’t imagine a world in which she does not exist, is not an integral part of my life. She has taught me so much, opened my eyes to wonders, and made me feel alive.

And yes, this probably sounds corny, but I hope you read into this my utter sincerity.

Ten years into our marriage the second most wonderful occurrence in my life happened – we had our daughter. And the relationship between my wife and I has grown deeper and stronger since. Mere words do not suffice to convey the joy of a child.

Throughout the years we have faced some very tough times, some losses too painful for me to write about, even now after years have gone by. But the years have also been filled with some of the most fun and exciting times I could ever have imagined. And through it all we were together.

And compared to her giving nature, her warmth and kind heart I have encountered no equal. If I were given a chance to go back and change anything in my life, a chance to do it all again, I would not change one moment with my wife.

Picture if you will, Jimmy Stewart reunited again with his family in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and you catch a glimpse of the joy our union has given me.

Seventeen years have gone by since we exchanged vows.

Seventeen wonderful, crazy years.

I am one of the luckiest men on earth.

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