Wednesday, January 25, 2006

rubber vs. bone

I was once again brought face to face (actually rubber to fur) with mortality again this morning on my drive in to work (the day job).

Just as I drove into the city proper, a cat darted out from a side street and an SUV, coming the other way, promptly crunched it under its huge winter tires.

Sorry about that.

Just can’t shake the image of the moment. Black and white cat (and no, it was not a skunk). I do wish people in cities would realize that letting your cat run wild all night can lead to a very untimely death.

Just saying.

Okay, now that that grizzly little detail in my mind has been shared, on to this week’s pile of work accomplishments.

The script – continues to progress. One scene re-written and two more new ones added for a total of 29 scenes spanning 22 pages so far. And this is great pacing-wise (well, length-wise) since a romantic comedy script should come in around 90 pages in length.

And movie scripts generally films at about 1 minute per page. I am exactly 25 % complete on my creation, so four times what I have now will be 88 pages when it is finished in first draft. Damn close enough to make me smile at the progress so far.

Now, on to the work-for-cash front.

Still waiting on the one query I sent out. Wait is the writer's middle name. If you don't have infinite patience, then this game is not for you.

This weekend found me digging, once again, through hundreds of markets looking for a home for my three book ideas. I have finished the research on two of the four and found 13 markets to market one idea to, and 14 to market anther to. So far the search for the third book idea is yielding way more markets than the first two with 16 so far and, in my estimation, about 30 more to go.

And you are probably dying to know what these million dollar book ideas are, aren’t you? Well, sorry to get all anal on you, but I’m keeping that information to myself because I want the ideas to be fresh when it hits book publishers. So this will be my three little secrets until they are in print (wishful thinking – hey it works!) Once they are bought I will be more than willing to share the details, and ISBN.

After that I will be searching through the paying magazines listings and plying my craft to that end.

You see, I do have an end in sight.

It’s November 1, 2007. Scares the begeezes out of me, but I am thinking, with a little hard work and good planning, that goal is not so out-to-lunch.

At least is seems so now with it being 20 months in the future.

That’s it for this week.

And please, keep your cats indoors at night.

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