Wednesday, January 18, 2006

and so it continues

Ah, the weekly writer's life update – and I do have and update to report on this week. Yeah for me!

I’ve managed to get through a fair chunk of the Writer’s Market, though I still have some more to wade through with regards to my three book ideas.

But let me begin at the beginning. When the Writer’s Market first arrived and I had a quick look through it I became discouraged. It seemed as though so many of the markets were extremely specific. Things like “red potato journal” or “horse hoof magazine” (okay I made those up but should give you the general idea of the specifics) had me thinking on those specific topics and realizing I knew nothing about them.

A few days later I was at it again, but this time I had a plan. A cunning plan . . . you know the rest. So, with three specific book ideas in mind I tackled the huge Writer’s Market again and found that, for one of my book ideas, there was fourteen markets. On another book idea I’m up to six already, and just starting the search on a third, I found two.

It doesn’t sound like much, but all you need is one to nibble and off you go. So I am no longer discouraged but now encouraged. But, I can’t fool myself, this is no cake walk, and do I have a whole heap of work ahead of me. Still, in the long run (and this will be long I am sure) I will have the career I deserve and the lifestyle I crave.

And I know in the back of your mind sits the question – what about the script?

Well, good news this week as I completed three new scenes. I know, I’m supposed to do four, but I’ll get to that. All was going well until last night. You see, I was supposed to crank out a new scene, number four since last week, when I found myself re-reading the scene I had written the night before.

Long story short, the scene from the night before had spelling mistakes (things like using the word know instead of now). I must have been really wiped from the ski volunteering. Anyhow, I rewrote and embellished the scene and was very happy with the results - much better than the original.

And I know, I’m not going to spend my time rewriting ever first draft scene yet, but I couldn’t help myself – it needed doing.

Oh, and the one query I sent out two weeks ago - is still unanswerd. But I know these things can take anywhere from one day to six months. Much of a writer's life is spent waiting - I kid you not.

And one more little tidbit - I’m not going to do any writing (except a blog post) on Fridays. I mean, a poor soul like me needs one day to totally abandon the grind, recharge the batteries, quaff a couple of dark ales and kick back. Let’s call it my reward for a good solid week of work . . .

So, until next week’s update, I continue my snail’s journey across the Sahara in search of an Oasis.

Geez, that wasn’t a hopeful image, now was it?

I’ll try to think of a more appropriate one next week.

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