Thursday, January 05, 2006


Do you believe in the existence of Extraterrestrials?

I don’t, but I love the Mythology surrounding them and how innovative we humans can be in cooking up evidence and fueling our beliefs. I do want to believe – but with no hard evidence it just isn’t going to happen.

Well, as you may have guessed, I finished watching my present last night – The X-Files Mythology Collection (Abduction).

Geez it brought back the memories of taping these shows and watching them back when they first aired. I would settle down in a comfortable chair and, glued to the TV, watch the mythology unfold.

Cancer man was always a favorite of mine. How could he not be? And last night watching “Paper Clip” I almost leapt out of my chair spilling my popcorn when Skinner said to Cancer man “It’s time for you to pucker up and kiss my ass, you son of a bitch.”

That for me is great TV writing. Not the swearing, but the lead up to this moment when Cancer man gets what’s coming to him. Who in the audience wasn’t right there with Skinner feeding off his emotional portrayal? I know I was. This show was, and still is, great entertainment.

X-Files have always had a special place in my heart because it was one of the few shows that had huge sweeping story arcs weaving through many episodes and even spanning multiple years. Mysteries that were never quite satisfactorily explained, much like those we encounter in real life.

Truly fantastic fiction - and one of the best executioners of the huge story arc device.

And now, with the Mythology collections out on DVD, you can watch all the key (with the exception of a few) episodes where the “truth’ was revealed, and relive again what great TV is all about.

Hey, how did this turn into a DVD review?

Oh well, be that as it may. Now I have to sit down and watch the next set – Black Oil. I need to stock up on popcorn first and find a spill proof bowl.

So go ahead and pull out a Morley, Cancer man. But just watch where you’re blowing that smoke you son of a—

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