Tuesday, January 10, 2006

6... 5... 4 …

007 cuts the proper wire and the bomb is diffused. Three seconds remain on the thermonuclear device counter and the world is saved again. Bravo, Mr. Bond – time to have at the girl – roll end credits . . .

I had another dream last night, just a vivid and clearly in color like yesterdays. But, it wasn’t about any starlets, celebrities or “FALSE-I-REPEAT-FALSE” secret desires – thank you very much!

It was about spiders, big as tarantulas. These spiders had overrun the attic of my old neighbor’s house. I could actually see them crawling in the hundreds just under the eves of the roof as I looked next door.

My neighbors had just found out about the infestation and made a call to the local pest control unit which was still to arrive. I was wondering if these spiders had gotten into my house too. But after a quick attic check, I surmised they were only at the neighbors.

Good for me – bad for him.

Not waiting for the exterminators to arrive, my neighbor decided to tackle the ‘little’ buggers himself. Armed with one can of bug spray, the master of the house climbed onto the roof and headed for the greatest congregation of them near the chimney.

Once there I heard him exclaim in horror and fright. What the hell was going on? I couldn’t see him clearly since he was on the other side of the roof’s peak, but I heard the spray can going off and more yells of horror and disgust. After a few moments I saw him emerge triumphant to the peak of the house.

He walked to the chimney and lifted it up, actually pulling it free and set it down on the roof. Inside, he explained, was the mother spider – gassed and dead. End of threat and end of my dream.

Not sure what can be “read-between-the-lines” into this one. I believe dreams are nothing more than random gibberish searching for form in a vacuum.

Hey, that’s like right here on my blog, now isn’t it.

- Early Progress Report –

Since tomorrow will be taken up with another of my short stories, I thought I would crank out a short update on my writing life. (Short because there is not much to report)

First (excuse) of all my Writer’s Market has still not arrived. This is getting me anxious. I really want to start my new plan of earning cash, but it’s hard to when I’m not sure where the market’s are or what they want. I do hope it arrives this week so I can “get to work” this weekend.

My script is seeing more of its scenes being written, due for the most part, to the reestablishment of order in my household. The little one is back to school, I’m back to work and so is my wife.




- for me as a writer. So, that’s about it. I won’t actually post this in the FM section as I’ll recap for next week this and (with hope) much more.

- End Early Progress Report -

Disorder (which I’ve had for the past week) is good for goofing off, and to that end I’ve almost finished the “Black Oil” X-Files Mythology discs. Still good fun even after ten years – the last time I would have viewed these episodes.

And Lumley is entertaining me with his third Necroscope novel. Cheesy, I know, but I’m finding it good adventure horror fun – though possibly not for the whole family.

Now, I will let you get back to your surfing fun.

Thanks for stopping by and boosting my hit totals . . .

Tune in tomorrow for my short story, “Space Is Limited.”

You know, if you want to. No pressure - except barometric.

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