Wednesday, December 21, 2005

One More River

Yes it is a reference to an Alan Parsons Project song. And if you know what it is – man you are good, or a big fan like I am.

I’m actually listening to “The Tell-Tale Heart” right now from a different album of course. But you will have to read to the end to get the answers because -

- now, I should talk a little bit about my week in writing. Well, as you know, if you’ve dropped by here within the last week, I’ve been blogging pretty steadily, which is a form of writing – straws . . .

I thought I was going to have a real bust of a writing week with so much on but,

I did manage to write three more complete scenes of my script. I know, I know I was supposed to write four, but between one long play practice (my daughter’s), one play performed (my daughter’s), one school concert (my daughter’s) and one church concert (my wife’s and daughter’s) and working full time – I’m glad I got any writing done at all.

And today, suffering from a soar throat, I am plugging along again.

But, next week I have off – and hope to put that vast amount (relatively speaking) of time to good use cranking out scenes in my script. If I don’t wimp out (translation: play games, visit friends, watch movies, drink Kilkenny Irish Draft, and generally goof off), I should be able to get a fair chunk of it written.

That is the plan.

And I will need to exercise Herculean willpower to pull it off next week with so many available distractions. You will know next Wednesday (if you come again) how I managed.

I’m thinking these posts will get more interesting once I am submitting things for publication again.

Oh, I don’t’ think I ever mentioned this before but since this is a writing blog update I’ll tell you two bits of information.

One: I have over 70 rejection slips in my files.

Two: I have had 3 short stories published (they are the first three under “My Short Stories”) on this blog.

Three: there is no three . . . except for giving you the song answers and -

- the song (from my title) is “One More River” from the Alan Parsons Project off the “Pyramid” album. If you listen to the song you will see how it applies to moving forward. I would post some of the lyrics but that is a legal no-no, so I won’t.

And “The Tell-Tale Heart” is from the Alan Parsons Project off of the “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” album.

Until next week keep writing and moving forward, you know, unless forward is a pit of adders or a lava pool, then you will need to sidestep a little first.

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