Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oh dear,

oh dear, oh dear. My ears and whiskers - I’m late . . .

My 8 in the morning update post is now finally being posted around 10:30.

Yes, it would appear that I have fallen down a hole and not sure when I will reach the bottom.

Well I did have all my Haydn, Mozart, Bach and Corelli to rip - after all. It’s, um, writing music, so I had to rip it before writing today.

So, er, this is the day of my writing report, and well, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked. Oh, Christmas was fun and full of distractions - and hence the poor report today.

You see, despite my best efforts, double coffees in the morning, wanting to and willing myself too and all such attempts - I only got two more scenes written since last report.

My self-discipline ran off with my resolve and left me a note: "Do what you want. We will return in January."

Oh my. What a temptation no human could resist. I am left completely to my own devices this week!

-gets evil grin-

Games computer and board, music ripping classical and rock, book reading fantasy and horror, sleeping in, going out . . . Muhhaaahaahaha . . .



That’s about it for this update.

-hangs head in shame but leaves the evil grin intact-

Shoddy I know, but hey, if my self-discipline and resolve are off enjoying themselves I’ll be damned if I’m going to grind away.

Besides - I have the first season of Farscape to finish watching, as well as the Abduction set of X-Files, about a thousand books to read, plus a game of War of the Ring and Twilight Imperium 3 to play and Doom 3 to finish . . .

With so much - ahem - to do, next week’s report will most likely follow the same pattern as this weeks.

Hoping you are having as much fun this week as I plan to.

Maybe I should name this post "Backward Momentum"?


Sometimes, I believe the more free time we have, the less we get done.

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