Monday, December 12, 2005

Musings: Ripping

A short tale today of surprise and wonder and geek points forfeited– on my part.

And yes, it will most likely result in the cancellation of my geek membership card as well and a hefty fine. Even spouting Star Trek: The Next Generation lines from memory won’t make up for this one I think.

And I know ignorance is no excuse. But let me explain.

You see, last week I got this idea to put one of my stories in audio form. This led to trying to figure out how to record something in a decent quality MP3 format - which led me to freeware to record audio into the computer.

Now, I already had a mic (and I found out it was el crappo extraordinaire – actually sounds worse than two cans and a sting).

Which led me to look at getting an iRiver (some geek points added for that one?) so I could voice record into it with a decent mic (I will need to buy) and have MP3 files for a podcast of my story.

Then I wondered how I could load my CD music into my iRiver (If I got one) and stumbled upon a little something (here is where I lose my geek membership for life) – you can rip CD music to a computer hard drive using Windows Media Player!

I can see you rolling your eyes and saying (yeah, like so what – my six year old niece does that all the time.)

And hence my revoked geek license. But, it was a big thing for me. I didn’t know how to or that you could do it until a few days ago. I knew you could download MP3 music on the net. I knew how MP3 players worked (flash and hard drive versions). I just didn’t know you could put in an audio CD and rip it to your own hard drive, then play it back in shuffle mode.

I am the anti-geek I guess.

So, as it stands, right now I have ripped a total of 97 hours of tunes. I know, more geek points lost for having anything less than 500 hours of music on my hard drive.

Still I’m excited and now my writing times are filled with various music – oh and it sounds pretty excellent too (I have Altec Lansing cubes and a sub). I ripped them all at 160 K bits/sec WMA format which is not the best quality but damn fine enough for my aging ears.

Oh, what do you mean - spewing that techno babble won’t get me any geek points back?

Well a guys gotta try.

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