Thursday, December 01, 2005

Musings: B-Day Fun

Much fun and merriment was had by me and my family last night.


Well it was my wife’s birthday and we all decided this year, that it would be nice to celebrate it on the “day of” instead of “the weekend near” - and I can hear you just dying to know what transpired.

Well, why don’t I fill you in then.

I cooked a special meal, which I will share (the recipe, not the actual meal itself) with you in a moment. My daughter (a cute 6 years old) got a present and I also snuck a present while nobody was looking. My wife had no idea we had done this.

But first, the recipe. Oh, and I got a nice bottle of white wine (Gugensomethingorother…) – I am not a wine snob. It was white. It was tasty and it went well with the meal. Which was –

Chicken – Brandy – Swiss cheesy delight.

Okay, that’s not the actual name of the recipe (I think it actually has one but is lost to me), but gives you the idea. Here is the actual how to make and ingredients.

-RECIPE- (You will love this – trust me!)

What you need.

2 chicken breasts (cut into halves)
1 red onion (cut into quarters)
2 Portobello mushrooms (cut into quarters)
2 Peppers (cut into quarters)
Sliced Swiss Cheese (sliced thin, but you can buy it that way anyhow)
4 Ounces Brandy (do not cut – use straight)
2 Packages of Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild Rice
Nice bottle of white wine (to drink while cooking and with the meal)

Take two chicken breasts (don’t need to if you are against consuming flesh. Use Portobello mushrooms instead) and fry them in butter (couple tablespoons) and sprinkle them liberally with basil and oregano. Brown them up nicely. Add some water if things get too sticky. Fry a good ten minutes or so.

Cut up one red onion into quarters and put that in with the chicken after the chicken has browned a bit.

Cut up two Portobello mushrooms, two peppers (red, orange or yellow – don’t use green or blue…)

Put in the cut up peppers, mushrooms and cover for about 10 minutes. May need some water too to keep things from burning to the bottom.

While this is going on make the rice – it takes a good ½ hour to make it.

Last step is to uncover the meal (after all ingredients are added and it cooks for the ten minutes) and layer on the Swiss cheese. Put the chicken on top and put the cheese mostly on the chicken to cover it.

Then, cover the whole meal again until the Swiss cheese is good and melted. Then, take about 4 ounces of Brandy – light it up (as in on fire) and pour over the meal. Makes for a good light show if you do this in the dark.

Now, all you need do is make a bed of rice, put the meal on it and enjoy.

It is so damn good I can’t actually describe it to you. Just make it and you will see.


So, after we were stuffed, my daughter and I brought out the cake (double chocolate almond mousse – to die for or maybe if you eat too much, to die from…) and sang happy birthday – off key but who cares.

Then it was present time. My daughter got my wife a “World’s Greatest Mom” mug. She was so excited to give it. Very cute.

I got my wife the “BBC Dickens Collection” and we will both enjoy that in the months to come.

All in all a great, fun night.

It really is nice to do something special for the ones you love.

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