Friday, December 23, 2005

holly days arrive

Oh, man. Am I ready for a week off and change. (feel free to interpret this ambiguous sentence any way you like.)

And my malady may subside enough, by Christmas Day, to actually let me enjoy it without a box of tissues. I won’t go into the details, in case you are eating. Suffice it to say that I am less congested than yesterday, and seeing fewer “Christmas” colors . . .

I won’t be posting much over my holly day time (that takes me right to January 3rd), and certainly not tomorrow and Christmas Day. Sorry if you have become addicted to my daily ramblings and need your fix. But this lull in postings will give me the perfect opportunity to up the price when I return . . .

Lets see, 10 times nothing is . . . free.

Content for you.

I you must spend any time on this site then check out some of my musings or short stories. (located on the right side of this blog) I have it on good, well adequate, okay “imaginary” authority, that they are worth a read. (end of self-promotion… Damn, where are my free pens and sign-up sheets!)

I do have one sad story to relate this morning though. On my way to work I was met, coming towards me, by two of those huge emergency response vehicles, lights flashing, roaring along at top speed.

I pulled over, as you are supposed to do, and watched them scream by. Two days before Christmas. Crap.

Then, when I pulled into work, I heard, announced on the radio, an accident had occurred at an intersection I had passed only five minutes ago. Somebody, or several somebodies, had crashed right behind me - literally. I can relate, and I really do hope that nobody was seriously injured. But I know this intersection, and it is a deadly one.

Well, all the best to you this holly day season, if you get one that is, and take care -

- Especially while driving. I need you back here to boost my hits . . .

You still here?

Well if you must find something else to do (other than reading all my short stories and musings) you can check out the other blogs I’ve listed on the right side of my site here. Or just click through them below.

The Mimosa Effect is a great little blog by a fantastic harp player and wonderful prose writer. Her poems (I have yet to read a bad one from her) should be collected into a book and sold so the whole world can enjoy them. She deserves it.

Zilla is well – a monster. Not really a monster, but he made one from paper mache you have got to check out. Go back a month or so in his posts and see what he has done. Amazing. Cthulhu lives!

Assorted Nonsense is another site by a talented author. Check him out. He also works for the CBC (radio sector – is sector right?) and will share some inside scoop on what is what as well as upcoming.

WWDN – I’m not going to link this one (like he needs another one?) because if you don’t know this blog you can Google it. Well worth your time to find, bookmark and enjoy.

That’s it for me for a few days. Have a great break, and, as a famous movie killing machine once said, (unless you watched it like a bazillion times like I did – then he said it many times) –

- I’ll be back -

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