Saturday, December 31, 2005

Fantasy Book Review: Streams Of Silver

Streams Of Silver
R. A. Salvatore. Huge name in the fantasy business of writing, and I think I know why.

This book, his second in the Icewind Dale Trilogy, features Drizzt (his most popular character creation I believe), a drow elf. These books are set in the popular "Forgotten Realms" fantasy world.

If you are into, or have ever played, Dungeons and Dragons, the backdrop of this novel will be as familiar to you as your own campaign. And even if you make the sign of the devil at anything related to D & D, you can’t help liking this novel for the pure epic fantasy elements present.

We have four friends of different backgrounds working together to fulfill a quest by one, the dwarf named Bruenor. He is questing (a major staple of epic fantasy) to reclaim his lost home in the Mountains where the "Streams of Silver" abound.

Long ago, a powerful evil drove the dwarves out of their ancestral homes and Bruenor the dwarf means to go back and right the wrong which was done to his people and reclaim the mountain stronghold.

But, one other in their party, a halfling (hobbit for you LOTR-ers) named Regis, is being pursued for a theft he committed years ago. He stole a jewel of great power, and its owner wants it back. And so the Halfling is being pursued by a hired, deadly assassin, the equal of any fighter in the Forgotten Realms.

The book follows the adventures of the four on their quest, and ends in a huge climactic showdown between powerful forces and archetypal characters. Truly epic.

Very good fantasy book related to the D & D universe and well worth a read if you are into such things or not. Reminds me a great deal of Terry Brooks "Shannara" books.

Looking forward to the last of this trilogy by Salvatore - The Halfling’s Gem.

The complete Icewind Dale trilogy is comprised of:

1) The Crystal Shard
2) Streams of Silver
3) The Halfling’s Gem

(Oh, and Happy New Year Too!)

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