Friday, December 16, 2005

Das beans

A short post to talk about coffee today.

We all love it don’t we? (well most of us do)

Okay, some hate it, but I love it.

Now I have wondered sometimes if it really is addictive or not. So I devised -

- an experiment about six months ago. I dropped coffee (cold turkey - or should this be a case of hot turkey?) and switched to drinking tea (and yes, Earl Grey - hot. No kidding and not because of baldy . . .). And, for about three months, I didn’t seem to notice a difference. I was slightly calmer, but I had my hot drink early in the morning to jumpstart my system.

So, for me, I think the addiction is a hot drink in the morning - even in the summer, but especially in the winter - like right now after shoveling the driveway for two hours. And notice how I directed your attention onto shoveling and now, (dark beans, light beans, espresso beans) it’s back on coffee again -

- because I also switched back again from tea to coffee a few months ago. Is this making any sense? Okay, maybe there is a slight addiction in my genetic makeup to coffee. I think it’s just free will . . .

Now the next obvious question is - how much do I drink? Well, actually only one "large" stainless steel insulated mug a day. Large as in 16 oz, which for some constitutes a small or a primer. I don’t need an entire urn of coffee in the morning to get going like some people would claim.

And, my opinion here, is that it is not the quantity, but the quality, that matters. Which means -

- I drink fresh ground "french roast" beans because the pre-ground stuff you buy is like sawdust and printers ink . . .

I take my freshly ground beans and use a manual drip filter because I swear those machines ruin even fresh ground. How, I don’t know, but I’m sure a lot of engineering went into making sure it messes with the caffeine molecule and "burns" the water somehow.

Then, when I have it slow dripped into my steel insulated mug I add 5% cream "which tastes like 10%". And, oddly enough, it does. At least compared to milk it does. Oh, which says I don’t drink it black like a real man. And yes, I eat quiche too.

That’s it for today. Now I’m going write my book review for tomorrow and drink my fresh coffee.

And do get yourself a "good" quality insulated mug, because when the muse grabs you and an hour has gone by - your fresh ground coffee is still hot.


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