Monday, December 26, 2005

boxing shorts

or days - don’t like them. Wear briefs . . .

Now you know. Ahem . . .

And hey, Santa came and went and wouldn’t you know it, despite my best childish behavior over the past year, he didn’t leave me anything. My daughter tells me, in her cute six year old voice while rolling her eyes at me, ‘daddy, he doesn’t come to adults, only children’.

What can I say?

She is right.

And I feel all guilty for expecting the fat old man in red to get me something. Then I feel even more guilty for fostering the deception - but what a fine, fun deception it is.

My daughter was so wired up on the ‘eve-of’ that she actually started crying in her bed after she was tucked in because she couldn’t get to sleep, and as you know Santa doesn’t come until you are actually asleep in your bed.

Good grief.

Is that copy written?

And we even forgot to put out cookies and milk. Can you believe that? No wonder he forgot about me. I’ll do better next year Santa - I will . . .

Um, anyhow the yearly decept . . . um, visit, went off without a hitch despite the three of us coughing and snorting and sniffling and more stuffed up than my daughter’s stocking Christmas morning.

And guess who was the first one out of bed?

My little one, of course.

And the first question she utters at our bedside, ‘can I, (cough, snort) go look, (snort cough), at my (hack, cough, snort, sniffle, cough) stocking?

Our collective reply, ‘(cough) yah, (snort - roll over - cough, sniffle, hack), go (hack, snort, cough) ahead . . .

Immediately, two little feet pound down the stairs faster than falling. A quick sprint down the hall into the family room, and my wife and I hear that wonderful, universal ‘gasp’ of glee. Even though we were one floor removed, and making noise getting dressed ourselves, we could easily hear the squeals of joy and happy squeaks as the stocking was emptied of its treasures. (I edited out the coughs, snorts, hacks, and sniffles - it reads better without them)


Six years old must be the best. I wish I could remember my sixth year of life a little better. But I’m sure to remember hers. So absolutely cute. Actually the cutest kid there is - and I have irrefutable proof three times over.

1) We went public skating on a sponsored day (meaning the sponsor paid for the skating) and our local newspaper was there taking pictures. Now one guess who the picture taker wanted a picture of. She ended up in the newspaper looking - extremely cute as usual.

2) She was in a local outdoor play for Christmas and played the "littlest angel". Again with the newspaper photo persons. Who ended up (in the same paper) but our little angel. So twice, in one week in the paper. Notice I don’t even mention last summer when two different papers took pictures of my wife and child, then me and child. One guess as to which pictures each paper ran. Yes, my daughter again.

3) Now, you may actually want to sit down here to deal with this one. You know my favorite actress in all the world? Well, I happen to be pretty good friends with her dad, and, guess what?

She (the actress) is regarded as perhaps ‘one of’ if not ‘the’ cutest person on this planet today. Now, in a direct competition between said actress and my daughter, guess who was regarded as "the cutest" by myself and the actress’s dad?

Are you sitting?

My daughter!

And I have it in writing too, but can’t print it here without his express permission which I do not have. And, if you think about it, any father who says somebody else’s daughter is cuter than his own is either very honest, or looking for some major kickboxing to the private parts from his slighted daughter.


Oh, and coming up this week off, (I love a ‘week off’), I get to play two of my favorite board games with friends: "War of the Ring" one day and then "Twilight Imperium 3" another day.

This because my sister in law will be coming to visit with her son (I think he is nine now) for a few days and I am cut loose of obligation during that time.

And I was taught, if you have nothing good to say about somebody then say nothing at all. So, I have nothing to say about my sister in law.

Here’s hoping you are enjoying your holiday this season. I hope you have great times with friends and family.

I’ll be back to more regular posting in the new year.

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