Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the best laid

Well, I really hoped to have an audio version (MP3 format) up today featuring my charming voice reading my short story, Kaylie’s Smile - but alas (in-joke of short story rejections from Analog) it is/was not to be.

For various reasons. The first is my naivete in thinking I could just record and upload a quality podcast audio reading of my story in a week. Um, I can’t. But I had the best intentions. Really.

You see. I even downloaded a free trial version of some software to record my story in MP3 form. And I tried it out - and I think the software worked okay, but technical difficulties prohibited me from carrying on.

The first technical glitch came from having a crap microphone. I mean, a super-duper, better-ones-can-be-found-in-a-bubble-gum-machine crappy mic. I sounded like Calvin from the Chipmunks with a bad cold in an echo chamber transmitting from the moon in AM during an electrical storm.... But, that aside, I was determined to succeed somehow. Only to find -

- that each minute of recording was like 500 kilobytes. Now, that may not sound like much, but you must keep in mind I am on dinosaur dial-up and reading my story would be about twenty minutes if I was to do a good dramatic job. So, that’s about 10 MB of Calvin with a cold in an echo chamber transmitting from the moon in AM during an electrical storm . . .

Now I know you would just love to torture yourself with that.

Actually, I couldn’t stand to listen to the little bit I recorded myself, let alone torment anybody else with it. Consider yourself spared for now . . .

So, I’m abandoning the idea for the nonce, until I can find a good solution to my problem which will most likely involve a new microphone, better software and piles of cash that appear from nowhere . . .

I still want to do an audio version, but I want it to be good - so I’m afraid it will have to wait.

Now, on to script land. That little island where the Minnow and I share a beach. I watched an episode of Gilligan’s island tonight (did you know his first name is Willy?) and so am affected.

But that aside, I have a plan. A cunning plan.

Well actually there is nothing cunning about it at all, that just sounded neat to my inner (Black Adder) ear - which may be infected, but that is another story. Actually my plan is mostly pragmatic, and not too hard for me to achieve - a good thing with busy Christmas time and family fun looming large.

Here it is. Are you ready?

I am going to write one full scene of my script every "script writing day". Now for me that’s four days a week. I have 58 scenes left until the first draft is complete.

So, my Romantic/Comedy, if my math is correct, will be first drafty in 14.5 weeks. That should make it around the ides of March. WooHoo for me.

Come on - Cheer . . .

. . . If you want

Oh, and another thing. When I am finished my script’s first draft I have another plan, which is really part of the first plan, like an appendix, so maybe not really another plan at all . . .

When my script is first draft completed, I will take four weeks of "off" time. During that lull, I plan on writing four non-fiction articles to help me get to those large piles of cash.

I will be sure to chronicle the whole sordid thing - rejections and all.

Until next week’s update on my, um, progress - keep writing, reading and eating your green leafy vegetables. They are good for you.

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