Wednesday, December 07, 2005



I know, I know, this is supposed to be my wonderful update on how much writing I completed in the week.

Which wasn’t a whole lot. I think I blog posted about ten times the output of my script, but we are all allowed to stumble sometimes. I just can’t let this small slide turn into an avalanche.

Now for the official excuses. Family commitments, new writing schedule, new exercise schedule and yes, I’ve packed in too many new things all into one week.

Bottom line is I didn’t even get a full scene written this past week on my script. Shame on me. But instead of beating myself up, which does no good, I’m going to reflect back on all the fun times I had this week and use that energy to propel me into the next week where I know I will do much better.

My wife is in many volunteer activities (bless her heart) and was gone a few nights last week. Now, ordinarily that would make not difference, but I’ve changed my writing times to the evening from the early morning because I was getting way too tired out. I think she is a trooper to do the work she does and makes such a difference in a lot of people’s lives. Way more than I’m doing. Great job love!

So, I respect my wife a great deal, but when she is away my anchor is gone and I drift into bad habits like watching DVDs or reading or playing a computer game. This, of course, is my fault entirely and has nothing to do with her. Just trying to give you a glimpse into why I sucked this week in the “script project’ department.

Oh right, no beating myself up. I am very happy my wife has so many outside activities and one of them is now ice skating with me and my daughter.

Which sucked up another evening, but it was great fun and my daughter loves me to be there. Because I’m not used to skating, I’m still sore today (four days later) from it and tonight is another skating night too.

We also did a bunch of shopping and Christmas things last week. Still no valid excuses, but time consuming none the less.

And I think I find it hardest to juggle family and writing because writing has me going to my lair and writing which is nowhere near my family. And the other problem I mentioned is when my wife and daughter are out I have a great urge to goof off instead of write. This is where willpower and determination come in. I need to shore them up to respectable levels. But it is hard, actually harder than the writing itself. And December just seems like such a festive month with so many family and friend activities.

Still, writing has to find a place or it will disappear. And that is not an option.

So why have I not gotten my act together? I think I’ve bitten off a lot of change in a very short time. I’m exercising six days a week again (after not exercising for about a month), because my back really needs it and my day job is all sitting, sitting, sitting. It makes me tired and more prone to watching DVDs and yah – you’ve already heard this. Changes record.

And I also started something I hope turns out okay here at the Twisted Mind Emporium. I’m going to have some of my short stories up in audio form soon - read by me the author. How time wasting cool is that? Yes, I know another distraction. Still, I think it will be neat to have two versions of my stories available. Oh, and it will be in MP3 format so you can load it up and play it on your iPod or whatnot.

My new plan, which I will report on next Wednesday, will be to write from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm each night without interruptions – of my own making.

You see, this week coming up I will be going to my daughter’s school play, a Christmas play and two concerts. Do you see where this is heading?

However, I will do my best to progress, and report out next week.

Plus I hope to have, as mentioned above, my first short story up in MP3 format.

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