Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Musings: Willards Wacky Webcams

Call me the ghost hunter!

Actually call me pretty bored a while back. But, before you pass judgement on the supernatural, or pass water in the urinal, take a boo at some captures I made last year over at Willard's Library and see if it doesn't chill ya - on this warm November day.

Yah, it's plus 14 C here - right now - in late November - Sheesh already.

Well, after much time, I finally captured the Grey Lady of Willard Hall on the webcam. And to prove it what follows is the webcam shot to prove it. Take a look in the circled region on the left and tell me you don't see the ghostly image of the Grey Lady.

I love how Willards pumps crap down their webcam once in a while to keep the hype going . . .

Don't they?

I present to you - The Grey Lady! -

Now on to Willard's Childrens Library and the portal to some black inky spooky portal hole place.

Freaky portal to (?) opens up through the doorway for a while then vanishes.

Pretty neat actually, and just WTF is that through the door anyhow? It sure don't look human shaped to me . . .

And the freak show continued . . . Okay, so it was a mom helping her kid into a snowsuit or something. But it just may have been Shub or Yog . . .

And this last one on on a different day . . .

Er - - - - - Look - no torso or arms or head. Cool! And all shadowy and - Look out Mr. Frodo, it's one of them black riders! . . .


Um, back to work now.

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