Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Musings: Updates And Such

What is this? Where is the fraking short story!

Er, well . . .

And what’s with the lack of a post picture today, hey? What’s with that?

Er, well . . .

Hey, I pay no money to come here but I expect a short story on Wednesday. So cough it up, or I’m out of here.

Er, well . . . You see, it’s not that I don’t have any short stories left to post. It’s just that the ones I have left are rather long. Quite long, so incredibly hugely long you really can’t fathom just how hugely long they are . . .

Er, well. So, no short story today, and no really long story today either. Instead, for your viewing pleasure, I bring you an update and such of what I am doing in writer land.

Update: Working hard at my movie script. And if you think writing a movie script, when you have never written one before, is easy, well, not so. I’m finding it pretty strange actually as it is a medium very unlike the short story or novel because it is so minimalist.

You can’t direct the picture, you can’t give the actors too many, if any, acting directions. You need to rely on the story and plot and dialogue. And nothing else. If that is good, you have a winner. If it sucks, well, after the first draft you should be able to tell. You need to re-write many times over anyhow.

But, I didn’t just sit down and decide to write a script. Well, maybe I sort of did, but the point here is I planned this thing long and hard. Maybe not like operation Overlord, but damn close. So, as a point of reference, I have eight pages of the first draft written so far, and am getting a bit more comfortable with the style of writing.

And I’m using Movie Magic Screenwriter. Absolutely the most awesome time saving script writing software around. Doing a script in a word processor is for masochists. If you are at all serious about writing scripts I suggest you get this program. Worth every penny, trust me.

So when will I be done, you ask?

Er, well . . . That’s hard to answer. Like, what is your five year plan? Five year plan. My plan - be alive. That’s it. Well, maybe selling major works of fiction and/or non-fiction by then too.

Looks like I’ll need to update my posting schedule today as well since it is changing. But, life is change. And change is good. Repeat that to yourself. (Maybe this will distract them from not having a short story to read . . .)

You may see the occasional short fiction on Wednesdays again, but my script is priority one for the time being. I'll keep myself and the world updated on Wednesdays now on my progress with major projects, writing submission, rejections, and such.

Er, well . . . After I finish Doom 3 that is. (Just kidding)

Back to my work now. (Now what is that locker combination so I can get the BFG?)

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