Thursday, November 10, 2005

Musings: On Course

“Full steam ahead, captain!”

*Awkward silence*

“Err, captain - what about icebergs?”

“Fuckem. This ship is unsinkable.”

“But sir –“

“Shut up and do as you are told.”

(Insert fork in the road)

First Mate has a choice - but which one will he make?

Choice 1 - listen to his captain, shut the fuck up and pour the coals to the engines – large blocks of floating ice-death be damned.

Choice 2 – Tell the captain he is a bearded asshole and too many lives are at stake – and one of those lives is his own.

So, Choice 1) “Aye aye, captain.” *Wishes here were not driving the Titanic so fast, but shuts up and does what the fuck he is told.*

Or, Choice 2) “Captain, what’s that to port? Look.” *picks up blunt object and clocks asshole across the head, tosses him off ship and throttles back.*

Yeah, and what if the first mate is wrong? Well, so what, that captain was a jackass and deserved to be traumatized with a blunt object anyhow.

The point here is the First Mate is doing what his heart and mind are telling him to, not what somebody else is. See the diff?

Now, on to the personal (that would be me) part of this post. I’m on course to fulfill my destiny – may be complete with light saber duels, sweating blood, eating moldy bread, but mostly having fun and earning cash for my writing labors. I deserve it!

No, this Blog won’t go away. I’ll still pump it full of free content – and have you noticed the distinct lack of pop-up shit and Google adds? It's on purpose. I will not go there. My aim is to entertain on this Blog, not make money from it – so relax. You can send me money if you like – but I’m not asking for it.

I’ve mentioned before that I am currently script writing. The short stories you see here are ones I have pumped out over the last (oh, Christ – twenty years?) and are meant to entertain. If they haven’t, then you have entered the wrong site. If they have, then stick around – more to come.

Now back to me. I’m part way into my first movie script and having a blast. And in two weeks I am taking a course on how to get my prolific self some money by selling my writing talents across this globe. Now for you, the reader, this may be no big deal. But for me, the writer, it is the difference between being dead in cubicle hell or living life with vigor and giddy sanity.

I recently came to my fork in the road, grabbed it, broke off all the prongs and went my own way - the way my mind and heart direct.

What a liberating and necessary step in one’s life. The next time some “captain” tells you what to do, don’t blindly obey but size up the situation and make up your own mind. You will be so very happy you did, believe me.

And it is never, ever too late. Okay, death is too late - but you know what I mean.

Exercise your passions, strive for what makes you happy and earn a living doing it. You will be unable to believe that you were actually alive before.

Nuff preachy shit.

I have a career to make.

I am a writer.

And I love it.

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