Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Musings: Mega Bots

I’m amused as I look over just who is silly enough to visit this chunk of binary combinations made comprehensible to the human brain.

Amused because it would appear that Bots outnumber humans in visitations here to this place. Kinda like what we are doing with Mars, though I am not implying my Blog is like Mars – or am I. Virtually uninhabited except for pseudo-intelligent roving machines gathering and transmitting data to human operators.

The internet, so I always assumed, was populated by people browsing for something entertaining, useful, maybe even making connections to others in many different ways.

But what do I see with mine human eyes? Bots by the millions (well not here, I exaggerate) and people much less so. The machine age is truly upon us. Algorithms rule the electronic pathways and we humans must take second place – take our feeds from what machines leave for us to grasp.

It is the only way. There is so much data being spewed forth every day it boggles the mind – but not the Bots. They don’t care. They visit, index, record, display - but to what end?

I read recently that around 70,000 Blogs are created every single day. Try, if you will, to comprehend this number. If every one of those Blogs held only 250 words, that would be a staggering 17 billion, 500 million words a day posted out here in cyber-space.

A human reading one page a minute would take around 48 days to read one day’s worth of postings, and that would be at the exclusion of all else. Try reading 24 hours straight and see where you end up – most likely hooked to a machine keeping you alive.

Enter the Bots.

They have us beat. Cold, efficient and emotionless. Only they have the capability to try and organize the mass of data out here. Sure we program them, but they do the work, distill the overload, and condense the density.

I wonder if I should type a bunch of 1s and 0s randomly and see if some Bot can figure it out. All those wonderful algorithms are meant to decipher chaos.

And I sometimes wonder what a machine gets out of reading my Blog. Do I entertain them, annoy them or simply make them crunch 1s and 0s and display something comprehensible for those human eyes which happen to pass along the growing data stream?

Maybe one day I will ask them.

Maybe one day they will respond on their own.

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