Thursday, November 24, 2005

Musings: HO Ho ho

ly shit!

If my hair wasn’t firmly attached by middle-aged roots I would have lost it all this morning.

Now, I love winter. Really love it – except . . .

for shoveling snow before going to work.

Which I did this morning.

In gale force winds.

Perfect for one of those Winter commercials selling decongestants.

Perfectly awful for shoveling the driveway. So why is this post of interest to anyone?

Well it’s not. Posts about weather suck, are dull, uninteresting and who-gives-a-shit worthy of no notice.

Still, it was a good thing I fished my boots out of the basement last night and brought the snow shovel in the house from the garage.

Yah, I’m Mr. Think Ahead. You can cheer if you want.

My snow shovel is very light aluminum (no, not transparent) and ergonomically curved so you don’t strain your back while using it. Get one.

Of course the weather this morning was just a tease. A firkin white, flaky, strip-teasing whore.

You see, by Tuesday it’s going to rain – hard. Like a bloody monsoon.

I miss the real Great White North.

Here in the Great Grey Midlands.

Still. I love everything about winter – except the shoveling – before work.

At least I didn’t keel over from a heart attack (Yeah for me.), though I was breathing hard and feeling slightly nauseous afterwards. But I think the nausea came when I realized it was time to head off to work.

It took me almost three times longer than normal to drive in today. Saw three cars in the ditch and witnessed one pretty good accident.

The ultimate cure – hot tea and raison bread with butter.

Hey – get your own!

Posting about the goddamn weather.

Pretty lame.

Tomorrow tune in for - “What I ate for breakfast”

And the day after I’ll chronicle - “The Second Bowel Movement of my Intestinal Symphony”

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