Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Musings: Forward Momentum 1

I’m going to start a cheesy numbering system today for my Wednesday update posts. But I though, hey, when I’m rich, famous and sailing the Bahamas in my Hydroplaning Party Cruiser I can look back - sequentially - and follow the trail of my successes to point B.

And that is a pretty good impression of the Spock-raised-eyebrow you are sporting there. So, I’ll cut the crap and get straight to the poop. Hope you aren’t eating breakfast, like cocoa puffs . . .

Digression. Love it, live it and it doesn’t tell you a bloody thing about my writing adventures for the week. So, after this slight delay -

Oh two other quick things.

I was going to make these new Wednesday postings "Dear Diary", but all my twisted mind kept transmogrifying it into was "Dear Diarrhea" so, hence "Forward Momentum (#)" instead.

Again, sorry if you had a mouth full of soggy cream-o-wheat.

The second title I was thinking of was "Captain’s Log", and yes again my twisted mind kept coming up with toilet bowl images, etc.

Um, er, here is my update.

Had a good spell on the script this past week. Managed to write out another five scenes, complete with snappy dialogue, interesting settings, love interests, love denied and no feces references at all. Well, maybe not exactly that but I got five more pages written. So, doing the advanced mathematics (calculator optional) that would be a scene a page.

And I only screwed with my morning writing time twice - but I have the chain gun now, and well, it’s just so damn cool fragging imps and zombies with it. Ahem . . .

Actually I am pretty satisfied with the whole script so far (it is completely stepped out). I am writing the first draft fairly quickly, but it has been an adjustment from short stories and novels for sure.

And, I’ll mention this again - Movie Magic Screenwriter - is the kick-ass, best, script writing tool you will ever have. If you are at all interested in writing scripts, you need this piece of software. It saves me so much time. Pay the cash, get the software if you are going to write a script. You will drive yourself insane using a word processor and this piece of software has so many other script related tools - it’s just a screenwriter’s dream.

Okay, something I haven’t done in about sixteen years (no, not sex - I’m married and my kid is 6 so, um, you do that math) - I took a course.

Actually it was a writer’s workshop on how to make money writing. Now at the sound of sounding know-it-all I didn’t really learn too much from the course. It was geared specifically at non-fiction paying markets and how to get your writing sold there. Fact is, the process is almost a carbon copy of fiction land, a place I have been well acquainted with for over ten years.

Tidbits though, I will share. The lady, (I won’t name her but she is wonderfully optimistic and a great motivator) makes about 140 thousand a year writing non-fiction. The query letter is the key (already knew this) since it is the first thing the editor, or slush pile reader, sees. If it is great, you will be called upon for work.

Other things gleamed were the sheer number of writing assignments out there in everything from advertizing to brochures to real-estate to newspapers and magazines. There are literally hundreds of thousands of places to ply your craft - it you have the guts to send out your work. All good news for the prospective writer wondering how to pay for that cardboard box on the street corner.

The course left me kind of depressed though, until I figured out why. I am not interested in selling out my writing to corporate markets. I already have a day job in where I do that. So, I’m sticking to my fiction guns for the time being, with maybe an eye towards some humor markets once my script is finished and making the rounds.

Of course I can change my mind and will be open to all opportunities to write. Another piece of advice from the course - tell everyone you meet you are a writer - and have a card. Doors that would otherwise remain closed, or unseen, may spring open if you make yourself known. Not a great piece of advice for us introverts, but basic human interaction at some level does need to take place if you want to be a writer and sell your work.

In the writing world, the key is to keep moving forward, reading, learning new things and sending your writing out to markets. If you do this consistently you will succeed in the end.

The tortoise does win the race in the long haul, unless, of course, he gets run over by a transport while crossing the freeway - then likely not.

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