Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Musings: FM 2

FM of course stands for Forward Momentum (at least here in this place). But that's just too damn long to write out every week, so - FM #.

Ah, the weekly writing update.

Er, well let me see.

Hey, seems to me last week I started in the middle and never really took much of a look at my sordid beginnings or speculated as to what my sordid end might be.

So, here goes a quick encapsulation of my life as writer. Was born way long ago, grew up in cold climate small northern town, entered puberty, survived cold northern town, went away to post secondary school, started writing, got Engineering degree (cause I could), working now, posting on blog.

Okay. Tried no to make that too long and boring.

Now for timing. Wrote my first real short story “The Bitter Man” way back a couple decades ago. It’s listed on the right side of my Blog under My Short Stories if you want to read it.

Been dabbling ever since with increasing urges to get more serious with the craft. The first three stories listed in My Short Stories section have been published. Some of the others, despite their best efforts, have not. Well except here now on this Blog.

And it also occurs to me that I should have some kind of deadline for my current “big” project – the script I’m writing.

Which is coming along at a fairly good pace, considering I do the full time day job thing and have a busy family life with my wife and child. Oh yah, and post here too.

Oh, and happy birthday Carol! Now you are as old as me – at least on paper.

Currently I am one eighth of the way through writing my script’s first draft. How do I tally this so precisely? Well, I have four pieces of foolscap (notice the “fool” in that last word . . .) with all of the scenes written in for the entire script. I have completed the first draft of the first one half of the first foolscap outline page.

Oh, and each scene in uniformly written out in its condensed version of two lines only. So each page has the same number of scenes scribbled on it.

And due to my unbelievably brilliant mathematical skills, I just know that means I am one eighth of the way through my first draft.

So, with all that written, when will it be completed?

I’m going to be bold here (nobody will hold me to my word anyhow – hey I heard that!) and say the first draft of my script will be completed by March 1st, two thousand and Humpgp, eereyugykk, ahheemmm . . .

Okay, that year was 2006. There it is done. The deadline setting part. (Of course I can always edit this later . . . Muwahahahaaaaa . . .)

What will I do with my script once it is complete? Register it with the screen writer’s guild of course, then flog it till its blood runs clear . . . um, sells. Then decide what my next project will be. I’m thinking a script for a half hour sitcom, then another movie one – a science fiction thriller that has been dancing in my mind for some time.

Need to have a portfolio of materials built up if I, I mean, when I eventually enter the real arena and take on the other dogs . . .

But I’ll see on March 1st next year where this leads.

And my five year plan?

Be alive, be writing, and be happy. That’s it.

Try using that in your next job interview and see how far it gets you.

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