Thursday, November 03, 2005

Musings: Feeling Green

Green and his associates.

This morning, while wolfing down my cereal, I noticed (afterwards of course) that my milk juice was on the verge of curdling and forming a new colony of its own and possibly sailing off for new lands.

Left me feeling kinda green.

Green belt, land of green. Green Acres is the place to be. Little Green apples. Greenback the band and Green backs like cash or fish.

Green with envy. Mr. Greenjeans and Captain Kangaroo. It’s hard being Green. Green eggs and Ham. Green turtles.

Green slime. Simple Green for cleaning up Green slime. Greenpeace saving the Green spaces. Green Day to pick up what others cast away.

The Green Party, do they serve Fresca? The Green Mile, electric. The Red Green Show, duct tape. Green gold, it’s new and desirable?

Green Bay Packers, muscle not meat. Green Mountain coffee, yum. Green Shield, pretending to assure you health. Deep Green researching our Green friends.

Tom Green, funny guy. Soylent Green, not so funny. The Green Giant, eat your vegetables. Lorne Green, the original Adama.

Green-Red color blindness, bad at intersections. Delta Green, Ia Ia . . . Spicy Green Iguana, spec fic mag. Green Hell Records, don’t ask.

Green, REM record, yes not disc. Green card, work in the US. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Greenhouse gases and effect. Green Tea, good for you.

Fried Green Tomatoes.

Agent Orange . . .

Er, sudden mood swing.

Sue me.

Tomorrow I am going back to the sniffing-the-milk-before-pouring test.

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