Monday, November 28, 2005

Musings: Driving Past Creepy

As I drive into work each day I am forced to take an alternate route. It is a route which takes me past a previous work place.

And it’s kinda creepy. Not the work (though that does hold an element of the creeps) but the fact that the place I once haunted is being demolished – literally.

The huge hulking buildings are half torn down and mammoth lumbering machines are sorting the rubble into recyclable piles to be trucked away to burning hot furnaces or landfill sites. And I’m not talking about small buildings where a handful of people worked, but a complex which, in its heyday, contained many hundreds of workers, perhaps even thousands.

Creepy that.

But life is all about change. Changes can be good or bad. And some are just creepy like this one is for me.

I recall working (well being there anyhow) inside the walls of that structure. Some weeks I put in sixty plus hours and seldom got to spend any quality time with my wife. She had to spend her 30th birthday with friends because I was there, in that place, toiling away for coin.

But, like an old pair of shoes, that place is now useless, decomposing and little more than refuse. And my feet, though older, still carry me forward.

Creepy is the feeling I get driving by in the morning. There is a section of building torn away which reveals leviathan metal stamping machines now exposed to the cold and snow. Once they churned out products which were loaded onto rail cars and whisked to factories. Now they stand, like Easter Island statues – exposed and weathering.


Makes me think about the cubicle I’m occupying right now. How long before it too expels its occupant, wastes away, and becomes redundant, torn apart and sold for scrap?

How long before I take my feet and walk another mile leaving the past behind in the shadows and the diesel smoke and piles of broken goods.

Looking back on my way to work, I wonder if it could have been different. If the people who operated that complex had made better choices, were smarter, maybe cared a bit more about humanity and less about profit. Would it still be in ruins today?


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