Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Musings: The ConFeeDance

Three things the writer needs. Let me explain in three easy steps how to allow your inner world to become your outer world. It’s a blast.

Step 1) The Con – You would be surprised how vulnerable your mind is to suggestions. Not me, you say. I can’t be controlled by others. Maybe. But what I’m referring to here are not suggestions from others but the suggestions you make for yourself about yourself. "I suck – I’m no good – I can’t do it" Ever hear yourself saying this about yourself? It happens to all of us, but there is a cure. You can mend your self-defeating ways.

Become an artist – A Con Artist. The more you tell yourself "I’m great – I’m good – I can do it" the more your inner self will start to be "Conned" into believing it. And why shouldn’t your inner mind believe it – It’s true. And you will be surprised what you get accomplished with this attitude. Think of it this way. Nobody in this universe can be better at being you, than you. Your perspective is special, unique, valuable. You are great, good and you can and will do it. But don’t let me tell you – tell yourself!

Step 2) The Fee – Once part 1 is set in motion step 2 should kick in not long after. I used the word "valuable" above. And it is true. There is only one you, only one person in all the world with your outlook on whatever it is you write. That is so very special I can’t even explain it properly. Call it ineffable, if you like. But I will say, you are worth it. You write. You should share with others, and the best way to do that is to get your voice out there and get published. You can do it, and others will pay you for it. Yes, you are worth every penny.

So step 2 is go out there and get laid! Ulm, paid. Hell, do both!

Step 3) The Dance – step 3 brings us to the dance. This is important and it can be done alone or with others, but you should do it. Celebrate your life, your rejections (you are getting them, no?) your acceptances (best feeling in all the world for a writer – well maybe not as good as sex, but a damn close second) ever word you write. Ever watch Snoopy celebrating? Do it. Dance. Rejoice. Your unique, wonderful, inner world is yours to share, benefit from and celebrate. You should be happy and proud of it.

So, put all three steps together and you have The ConFeeDance!

I don’t think I need to spell it properly for you to see.

Get Writing.

Get Paid.

Get Happy.

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