Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fantasy Book Review: Xone Of Contention

Xone Of Contention
I seem to need a fix of pun-ishment every once in a while, and for that I need look no further than an Xanth novel by Piers Anthony.

Can you believe this is number 25 in his long running series? And yes, I am a sucker for puns and light stories housing heavy themes.

This particular Xanth outing deals with prejudice and environmental issues - and if you have a problem with books that are kinda preachy about issues, I would suggest avoiding Pier’s stuff. It is pretty obvious and in your face (in an Xanthian fun way) , but the message is valid and what Piers has to tell us is pretty spot on. Still, it can annoy some though it doesn’t really bother me.

And yes, his Xanth novels are always brimming with ample panty flashes, full cleavage, nubile young female bodies and adult conspiracy theories. Some have a problem with this too. Again, if you do, don’t read it.

So, is this book worth reading? Hmm. I have been reading Xanth novels since "Ogre Ogre" was published - yeah that long. I like them, I really do but the series is not for all and maybe getting a little stale for some. Still, I find them light (except for the underlying themes, which are more on the surface) and entertaining.

In this one we learn more about the demon Xanth and spend some time looking at Mundania through visiting Xanthian’s eyes, and visa versa. All in all a good romp if a little less structured than some previous novels of in the series.

We get all the regular fun - a trip to Good Magician’s Humphrey’s castle and it’s impediments plus recurring characters when they are appropriate. To be honest, there are so many now I kind of lose track of them, but it’s only because I don’t read them one after the other. That way would lead to severe pun-ishment, and while I like them - I am not that crazy.

Yes, I will return to the Xanth novels as many times as Piers wants to write them.

To me they are just plain clean, naughty fun - a heck of a lot better than day to day Mundania.

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