Monday, October 24, 2005

Musings: Sometimes You Gotta Stay Home




We’ve all come face to face with them once in a while - no?

If not, you are a either a cyborg, not of this world or lying. I’m blogging about this because, well, even though I am possibly able to go to work today after being sick the last couple, I am not willing to push it - any more.

I am reminded of what a boss of mine from years ago told me about being sick and staying home. He said, "the work will always be here". I was young then and not thinking too much about staying home from work, even if I was not at my best. So dripping nose, sour throat, aching bones I would carry myself to my cubicle and carry on like it really made a difference.

It didn’t.





Boy has my attitude changed these days. You see "the work will always be there" is so absolutely true. I have found that I could spend ten hours a day, eight days a week up to my eyeballs in work, slaving as fast as I could to get results - but you know what - after all of that . . .

The work will always be there.

And the faster you work, the more you are given and pretty soon you look around to other cubicles and see that the people there have slowed down, and when you are young you ask yourself why. But when you get older you suddenly realize the answer -

The work will always be there.

So why then would I put my health on the line, not to mention spread my illness to others, for work? Why does anyone? Do I have some delusional programming telling me that my contribution to corporate North America is really that important? Do I keel over and believe the threats of sending my job overseas, or getting fired or paid less?

Maybe I did - once.

But the sad truth is the CEOs and Board members (millionaires all) decide where the work will go and how it will be done and there is not a damn thing you can do to change it. Even if you work ten hours a day, eight days a week. If it’s cheaper in India - India is where it will go.

Sometimes you gotta stay home and get better.

Sometimes you gotta stay home and work on a better plan for "your" future.

But no matter what you do,

The work will always be there.

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