Friday, October 14, 2005

Musings: My Top Ten Gotta Have DVD Sets

Since I don’t’ have cable or satellite TV, I gotta have DVDs. So, for no particular reason and in no particular order I give you what I think are the top ten TV show DVD sets you just gotta have - if you are me that is.

1) Bewitched - (Never a more funny, classic and good for the whole family show there ever was. And the only TV person cuter than Elizabeth Montgomery is Alyson Hannigan, and not by too much. Go out and get this in color, what a treat.)

2) Space 1999 - (cheese in every variety. The eagles are coming, err, am I mistaking a line from Lord of the Rings? Anyhow this show, dumb at times, great at others, has a mix of cheese, corn and sci-fi to satisfy anyone’s hunger and make a decent cheese corn chowder too.)

3) Babylon 5 - (what a real TV Sci-Fi show should be. Great, long story arcs, great ships, great show, great acting and great aliens. Seemed like the first attempt to break Science Fiction television away from bottle episodes and bumpy foreheads. Done very well.)

4) Buffy The Vampire Slayer - (Do I even need to comment? Just get it and watch it. Best writing on TV, I mean DVD, I’ve ever watched. There can be only one, err, or two depending. Get it, you won’t be sorry you did.)

5) Star Trek The Next Generation - (I see you cringing, but this, aside from the original, is the best Science fiction Trek series created so far . . . God help us if they try another one. Intense atmosphere, great actors and some near perfect episodes make this series a keeper. Oh, and that blog dude is in it too - what more can you want?)

6) X-Files - (Government coverups, puking aliens out your eyes, colonization, and for the guys a cute girl and for the girls a cute guy. Plenty to like in this series, yes even through the last two - cough - years. The DVDs are out there.)

7) Battlestar Galactica - (The new series, not the old cheesy one. The new series is very well written and extremely dramatic and intense in the extreme. Did I mention extreme. Get it and watch it and you will be hooked. Great job, oh, and shot in Canada too.)

8) The Prisoner - (Giant white beach balls, "I am not a number", yada yada. Odd, but spectacular show. See it an you will see why. Very cool)

9) Firefly - (I see you are sensing a pattern. Sci-Fi. Well again all you need do is watch this show to know great writing and character. No punches pulled in this show. Great fun, but not necessarily for the whole family.)

10) Star Trek - (Kirk, Bones and Spock. Need I say more.)

Now before you run out and buy all these DVD sets (and you should) make sure you have about 5000 dollars burning a hole in your pocket. And yes, I’ve missed some great shows.

Still with the list above you can’t go too far wrong.

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