Thursday, October 20, 2005

Musings: Mind-Grain

It all starts in the mind. Sex, drugs, even rock and roll – oh, and migraines too.

Which I seem to have,

at the moment,

can you tell.

One thought, that’s all it takes. First there is a spark, then flame, then smoke – then my head pounding like a kettle drum wielded by a Mordor Troll Drummer.

But I will survive because survival is key to, umm, surviving.

So, is there something other outside our squishy grey (or is that gray) matter’s complexity which creates the mind? Or do I just pop another Tylenol and call it a day?

I thought, but found I wasn’t yesterday.

So am I or am I not?

This twisted mind may not hold the answer, maybe even Deep Thought would have trouble with that one.

And I have found that those who appear to hold the answers merely obfuscate the truth with nested confabulations, like a badly coiffed 18th century female’s wig – complete with mice.

And those that admit they know nothing hold more answers than most.

Life is what you Matrix – oh, was that a Freudian slip? I can’t tell from the drumming – Doom, Doom, Doom.

Iodine and vitamin C deficiencies. Do they hold the key, or are they simply symptoms. Only the wealthy pharmaceutical companies know for sure – and you can bet they will never tell – only dispense – more drugs.

So, alone, I sit and ponder while I wonder at the cobwebs on my ceiling. Did I put them there? Where is my Tylenol?

Rest now for my crinkled lobes, nestled gently in a sea of salty water, caught this moment in a vicious riptide.

And dream – of tomorrow,

when this farking migraine is gone!

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